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Temporarily Stop Future Emails From An Author

This option will allow you to block future emails from a particular author for a 90 day period.

Each email will have an extra link at the bottom, and that link will block future messages from that author if clicked and confirmed.

The block will last 90 days, and then any messages from that author will start appearing again.  You can click on the link again, to start up another 90 day block.

The author will not see the link to temporarily stop future emails on messages they posted.

Clicking on the Yes, Block their messages button

And you will not receive any more messages from that author for the next 90 days

There are no reporting options to see who is blocking what author.

If you change your mind, you can see the messages in either the Searchable Web Archive or the Missing Message Archive

Ask your list moderator for the password.

The Missing Message Archive only keeps messages for 2 weeks.

You remain on the mailing list

Just emails from this one author are blocked from coming to you for 90 days.


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