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Self Moderation in the Age of Spam and Malware

Self moderation means that you approve your own message to the mailing list.

Which is not as stupid as it sounds.

Because somebody else may have spoofed your email address and sent that message in.

However, they probably are not able to read your incoming emails. looks for clues that a message was not sent by you

SPF is an Internet protocol where your techies have specified which IP addresses your email should come from.

DKIM is an Internet protocol that tries to prove that your email message was not altered after you sent it.

There are lots of spammy messages that we do not want to go to your mailing list.

And whenever we see a Reply-To header that is different from your regular address, we are suspcious.

And holds the email message while it asks you to approve or decline

We will send back an email message with a special subject line and Serial Number.

Your Subject Line will look like this

Please reply to release your mailing list message (no. 15867908319260r)

Just reply to release the message

For some types of checks, we will not bother you with self moderation in the future

We will remember your approval for the next few months.