Mobile First Formatting

"Mobile First" Formatting is a feature unique to It makes emails easier to read on small screens.  In 2015, more than half of all emails are opened on a smartphone.  Some people use their smartphone exclusively, while others read and delete some messages, and leave others for their desktop.

Many lists at send 20% or more of their messages to the list from a smartphone.  "Mobile First" Formatting is designed to reduce the bad formatting, fragments from replies, noise and bulkiness of email, so that just the important words show up on your subscriber's screen.

Clickable Attachments

"Mobile First" Formatting allows you to use the "Clickable Attachments" feature. This turns ordinary attachments into a link inside the email, so that subscribers can choose whether they want that attachment or not. Or choose to ignore it on their smartphone, but download it when they are on their desktop.

Clickable Attachments also makes the emails small and quick to load. Cellphone users are not wasting bandwidth on attachments they don't need or want. And the lack of the physical attachment in the email eliminates one of the biggest reasons why emails get blocked as spam or viruses.

SMS/MMS Text Messaging

"Mobile First" Formatting allows you to use SMS/MMS Text Messaging with your mailing list, and add people's phone number to the mailing list.  They will receive the emails as text messages on their phone. They can reply to the text message, and it will come back to the mailing list.

These features start with converting all incoming email to plain text, eliminating colors, graphics, background images, logos in signatures, etc.

This allows the email to fit in the width of the small screen, no matter the size. And you just scroll down to read the entire message. Nobody likes to pinch and zoom, or scroll sideways to read an email. In fact, surveys show that the majority of people will delete an email, rather then battle the bad formatting.

And since there is no standard for HTML email, and dozens and hundreds of ISP's and email readers out there, all sort of strange formats can be coming into your discussion group. Using Mobile First formatting will make sure all of your subscriber's messages are readable.


Trim Replies When People Top Post

Mobile First formatting enables the use of the "Trim Replies When People Top Post" option. This option automatically eliminates all but the first few lines of those annoying previous message fragments that people with Outlook or Gmail replies send in. So your subscribers can concentrate on what that person said, and not be distracted by previous messages.

Snip Disclaimers

The "Snip Disclaimers" option removes legal disclaimers and confidentiality notices inserted by corporate gateways. Nobody pays any attention to these long winded notices, and it does not make sense to claim confidentiality on a message to a mailing list anyway.


Replace A Long Url With A Short Url

The option to replace a long url with a short url helps prevent line wrapping that can break the link. Like TinyURL and, except done automatically for you

Stop Vcard Address Book Attachments Or Calendar Attachments

If you want to stop Vcard address book attachments or calendar attachments from going to your list, there are options to accomplish that when using "Mobile First" Formatting.