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How to Keep Emails to Your Mailing List Short

Some mailing lists attract wordy people, and you can control the maximum length of messages to your list.

And at the same time, let the complete message be posted in the searchable web archives, so that people can read it there.

You must have Mobile First Formatting turned on

Look for this option near the bottom of the section

Input a number between 10 and 2000

The body of your message will then be truncated at the end of the sentence after your word count is matched.

If the message contained attachment(s), they will be kept at the top of the message, and those words will not be counted towards your maximum number of words.

Customize the explanation subscribers will receive

Note, this option will be grayed out and inaccessible, unless the option above is turned on

Click on the Use Default Value button to customize

Before - Use Default Value

After - Use Default Value

We will output the current values for the maximun number of words and the web archive password.

So if you change the number of words to truncate after, or the web password, come back here and update this message.

If you do not want your web archive password printed in everybody's email, edit it to blanks

Long messages to your subscribers will now be truncated

For both subscribers getting each individual message, and for people on the digest

The message to the web archive will not be truncated


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