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How to compare your membership database (with names) to your mailing list using an uploaded file

If your membership database is out of sync with who is on your mailing list, this procedure will show you the differences.

You can reconcile your spreadsheet of members to our mailing list. This reconciliation can be done either via email or our web page.

About this option:

  • If you have multiple lists, this command will compare your membership database to all of your mailing lists.
  • Two options to get this information:
    • You can upload a file, either an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file (comma separated value).  OR
    • You can use an email command and manually add the database information to an email.

Use the COMPARENAME command before using REFRESHLIST.
This gives you the opportunity to review the desired changes before making them permanent.

Report Details

The report will list the subscriber name along with their current email address.

This report will also show email addresses on your list but not shown in your membership database.

The report includes an audit trail of when members joined, unsubscribed, changed their email address, switched to Digest, etc.

Example of the Email Report

An email report will be sent showing the summarized difference between your membership database and the mailing list. This report shows:

  • How many subscribers in your list.
  • How many subscribers receiving the Digest.
  • How many subscribers on vacation.
You will receive an email report back, showing you the difference between your current roster, and who is on your list, on your digest, and on vacation.

In addition, a detailed report will be attached showing the actual list differences. The report is sent in TSV format (tab separated values). This file can be used to compare to your membership database.

  • Save the TSV attachment to your local computer.
  • Open the TSV file with Excel (or similar program).

Following the instructions below does not update your mailing list. This report indicates what would have changed if you had sent the REFRESHLIST command. The REFRESHLIST command updates your mailing list to match the addresses sent in the command email.



  • Send an email to
        ("your-list-name" is your actual mailing list name. )
  • Enter your password in the Subject line.
  • In the body of the email:
    • First line - enter the command COMPARENAME.
    • Add your membership list email addresses and names, 1 per line.
          NOTE: After the email address, add a comma then subscribers name or other identifying data.

****See email requirements below the image.****

Example of YOUR email to us:

Send an email to

Email Command Requirements

When using the email option, send your member's email address and name separated by a comma.
Example below:

joe@hotmail,Joe Smith,Sally Jones,Sue Ann Brown

Additional email addresses for each subscriber can also be included, separated by a comma.
Example of this format shown below.

joe@hotmail,,Joe Smith,,Sally Jones   (Sally does not have an additional address, so just an extra comma is shown.),,Sue Ann Brown

The end of each line can be the subscriber name, membership ID or any other identifying data you store.
Example below showing membership ID number instead of subscriber name:



  • Click Manage Subscribers.
  • Click Current List vs Your Spreadsheet.
  • Click the Choose File button and upload your spreadsheet.
  • Select the Compare Current List To Your Spreadsheet Addresses And Names.
  • Choose an email address to send the results. 
  • Click button Current List vs Your Spreadsheet.

Reports will be sent to the email address chosen.

****See uploaded file requirements below the image.****

Uploaded File Requirements

  • The spreadsheet must have at least one column containing your member's email address.
  • All columns, except for the last column, must contain email addresses or be blank.
  • The file can have additional columns of alternative email addresses for each subscriber.
  • The last column can be their name, membership ID or any other identifying data you store.