User ManualEmail Discussion Group User Guide List AdministrationHow do I approve a message before it is sent to the subscriber list?

How do I approve a message before it is sent to the subscriber list?

This feature will allow you to control which messages are sent to your mailing list

Some mailing lists approve every message to their list.

Most mailing lists let all incoming messages go immediately to their list, and only turn this option on if things get out of control.

Turn on Moderate Messages Setting

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List.
  • Click Miscellaneous Settings.
  • Click Moderate Subscriber Messages.
  • Choose Approve Each Message Posted.
  • Click Save.
In your mail-list account, click on "Moderate Messages" link under "Miscellaneous Settings":

For step by step instructions about making changes to your mail-list account, please refer to this post:

How do I access my mail-list account and change the settings for my list?

Approval Process

When your subscribers send a message to your list,  an notification email is sent to all list moderators

Select the action desired, and click on the Submit Button

If another list moderator also clicks on the same message

They will see what action the first moderator took

Comment, Intro and Reject allow you to include your reasons for your action

Reject will only be seen by the author of the message

Comment and Intro will be seen by all subscribers, as the message will be released to the mailing list.