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How do I add subscribers directly to the Digest version

The Digest version is one email at midnight, containing all messages from that day. Some of your subscribers may prefer a Digest email, especially for a busy list.

Typically, people join your list, then click on the email link to switch to Digest. Basically, you have two lists: one for your regular subscribers and one for your Digest subscribers.

Using an email command for this change:

To add subscribers directly to the Digest version, you need to send a command via email.

Example of YOUR email to us:

To put people directly on the digest side, then you will have to skip the web interface and send in an email command.
  • Send an email to your list name.
    • Note the -d after your list name.  This designation tells our system to use your Digest list.
  • Add your list password in the Subject line, where open-sesame is shown above.
  • Add the word APPENDLIST as the first line in the body of the message.
  • Add email addresses of subscribers, one per line.