How do I unsubscribe a subscriber?

You can either use our web interface or send a command via email. Instructions are shown below for the Unsubscribe command.  To learn how to use the BOOTOFF command, please click this link:  Remove subscriber silently

To learn how to send a command to our system, please refer to this lesson:

How to send single/multiple commands in one email

Using the web interface for this action:

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Manage Subscribers
  • Click Add or Remove Subscribers
  • Enter subscriber email to add or remove
  • Choose desired action under Select Action for These Subscribers
  • Choose an email address to send the confirmation
  • Click Add/Remove Subscribers
Under "Add or Remove Subscribers" fill out the required details and click on "Add/Remove Subscriber(s)" button:

Choose Unsubscribe Silently to remove email addresses without notifying the subscriber.

Using an email command for this action:

Alternatively, you can send an email to our system with the command:  UNSUBSCRIBE

Example of YOUR email to us:

Alternatively, you can send an email to our system with the command: UNSUBSCRIBE

Helpful Information:  To unsubscribe multiple subscribers, enter one email address per line.
For example:


Within a few minutes, you will receive an email confirming the action.

Below is an example of the Command Receipt email:

Shortly after sending in the command, you will receive an email receipt of your request:

Below is an example of the second email confirming the action:

You will receive another email showing the removal of the subscriber from your list:

Example below of the Goodbye Message sent to the subscriber:

A Goodbye Message is sent to the subscriber which will look like this:

Below is an example of the No Action Taken email:

When you send in the UNSUBSCRIBE command and incorrectly type in the subscriber's email address or the subscriber's email address is not on your list, then you will receive an email which will look like this:

No action is taken for these reasons:

  • subscriber email is not on the list
  • subscriber email is incorrectly entered in the Command email

This email response will list any close matches found. Please send a new Command for the correct subscriber email address.


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