How does Report as Spam work?

Some of the larger ISPs (AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo) provide feedback to when the Report as Spam button is clicked.  We have applied and been accepted into their Abuse Feedback Loop.

Our agreement with these ISPs is that we will remove the subscriber from the mailing list.  While this is a great program for Email Marketing, most of the spam reports from Email Discussion Groups tend to be mistakes. For example:

  • The Report as Spam button is often next to the Delete button... and is clicked by mistake.  
  • They may have set a Rule in their email reader to report all incoming messages as spam.
  • Sometimes, people will select a group of spammy emails, then report all of them as spam at once.
    • If one of your mailing list messages was in that highlighted group, that person will be unsubscribed from the list.

How Report as Spam is Triggered

Your subscriber must click on the Report as Spam button. Even if email is put into the Spam folder, that does not trigger the Report as Spam button.

The Report as Spam button must be deliberately clicked for to be notified.

Notification of Unsubscribe

You can choose to be notified immediately whenever a subscriber is removed from your list.

See this post - How do I receive a notification each time a subscriber unsubscribes?

Reactivate the Subscriber

To again add this subscriber to your list, please see this post -
How to reactivate a subscriber that reported your mailing list as spam