How to get a list of Subscribers whose ISPs rejected messages.

When you send a message to your subscribers, sometimes they don't get delivered to everyone. The ISPs of subscribers that rejected your email send us an error message. If the error message is considered valid by our system, we can send you a report of all such email addresses.

Request a report to view a list of these ISPs

Use the Web Interface

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Get Reports
  • Click Send Historical Reports Via Email.
  • Click All Delivery Errors
  • Choose an email address to send the report. 
  • Click Send Historical Reports
Select "All Delivery Errors" option and the email address where you want to receive the report.

Example Email Report

The following is an example of the email that you will receive from our system:

Report Definitions

MTA stands for Mail Transport Agent, which is what ISPs use to receive the email we sent them.

The report shows the raw error message received from your subscriber's ISP.  These errors were counted as a bounce. If a subscriber receives excessive bounces, their email address will be removed from your list.