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Asking for my list of subscribers, but not getting them

Sending a list of email addresses via email tends to get caught by spam filters and placed in your spam folder.

We send two emails when you ask for your list of subscribers.  One email for subscribers receiving individual messages, and a second email for those receiving a digest.

Please check your spam folder for emails containing one or both of those emails.

Subject line examples

Email subject lines will contain the following:

  • youremailgroup list  (sent as a backup)
  • youremailgroup-d  (Digest) list (sent as a backup)

Your list name is in place of youremailgroup.

Still cannot find emails?

If the emails are not there, the next step is to look on our short term web archive.

We maintain a web archive of all emails we send you. You can log in with your list name and password, and view the emails there.

Click here for details on accessing the web archive.


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