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How do I import our existing email archives

We can import your existing messages into our searchable web archive, if you can get that data into the mbox format.

An mbox file is a standard way of holding a collection of related email messages.

See for more information.

Ask your existing mailing list host to provide you with your complete history in one mbox formatted file.

If your list is at Google or Yahoo Groups, they will not let you export your messages.

If your list is currently at LSoft, ask them to export your web archives at no charge.

They will put that file into a Dropbox folder, and you can grab it from there.

Technically this free format from Lsoft is not an mbox file, but we can convert it into one.

Lsoft also has a paid service that will give you an official standard mbox file if you want.

if one of your members has many or all of your list messages in a folder

ask them to export that data.  If they are using most any email reader (like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora etc.), they should be able to export that folder to an MBOX file in one step.

If you have all the emails in an Outlook folder, consider Techhit MessageSave

Get that mbox file to us, and we can import it into our searchable web archives

Note the searchable web archives is a premium option at


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