How to send one email message to many Mailing Lists

Use the Send Message option within your Account to avoid the rejection rules.

How Our System Works

At, our system assumes that any email with more than 2 addresses in the To: or CC: fields is spam sent from a hacked account.

Hacked email accounts send email in high quantity. Your subscribers only need to use your mailing list email to send messages. This is why we assume spam if more than 2 addresses are used.

We do this to protect ALL of our customers as well as to protect our good delivery history. If our servers are found to be sending high amounts of Spam, then ISPs will start rejecting mailing list emails. We work hard to prevent this from happening.

See the example below which would be rejected by our system.

Rejection Email

If more than 2 addresses are used, your message will be rejected or returned to you for approval. See example email below:


How to Email Multiple Lists

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Send Message.
  • Add a Subject Line.
  • Choose your email address.
  • Add the message.

Once you select your email address, a section appears near the bottom showing other lists you own or moderate.

  • Choose any additional mailing lists.
  • Select whether to Send Now or Send Later.
  • Click Preview.
  • Review your message.
  • If changes are needed, click Cancel.
  • If ready to send, click Send Now.

Each list will receive this message with only one address in the To: line.