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How can I keep my subscribers from leaving my mailing list

Participation in our mailing list is mandatory, and I don't want anybody to leave. How do I remove this link on the bottom of each email ?

Unfortunately, the Can-Spam Law of 2004 requires that all mailing lists have an easy to use method of unsubscribing.

And even if you all do not live in the United States of America, does and we follow the law.

Furthermore, ISP's will degrade our delivery to your subscriber's inbox without a link to unsubscribe.

Some ISP's have a Report as Spam button that will also remove people from your list. So even without a link, some people can get off.

So for many reasons, we have to keep the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email to your mailing list.

Here's how to work with our system and keep everybody happy.

First of all, you can edit the link to unsubscribe, and remove the options to change their address, switch to the digest or go on vacation.

See How can I keep subscribers from changing their address (or going on vacation or switching to the digest)

Second, turn on the option to receive a notification every time somebody does leave your list.  You will receive that email immediately, and then you can take corrective action.

See How do I receive a notification each time a subscriber unsubscribes?

You can change the text that appears above the link to unsubscribe to try and deter people from clicking on the link.

See How do I change the text at the bottom, where it asks them to unsubscribe


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