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How to create sub-lists / sub-groups via CLONE

Once you have your first list set up and configured the way you want, it's easy to create separate mailing lists.  You can use the Clone button to create a new sub list or sub group.

Log in to your list at

Click on the Clone button

Enter the name of the new mailing list

You can also change the List Type from Discussion Group to Announcement List

Any subscriber can post on a Discussion Group.  Only List Moderators can post to an Announncement List

Click on the Clone List button

Your new list will retain the same settings, but there will not be any subscribers on this new list.

The list moderators will remain the same.

Sub Lists where all the subscribers are also on another list of yours are free

We do not charge by the number of lists, but by the number of unique subscribers.  If an email address is on several lists billed to the same organization, we only charge you one time.


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