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How to handle spam / malware email to your list

If any of your subscriber's email accounts get hacked, they may send spam / malware to all of the addresses in the address book.  Including your mailing list.

Since the email is coming from a subscriber, it meets that criteria.  And if the threat is so new that our malware filtering is not yet aware of it, then that email could go out to your list.



Jeri Carpenter sent you a document to review and sign.


Remove the subscriber that sent the message from your mailing list

We don't want any repeats of this type of incident.

Contact the subscriber by telephone or private email and tell them their email account has been hijacked.

Only after they can confirm to your satisfaction that they have cleaned up their problem will you put them back on your mailing list.

Consider sending a followup email to your list, telling them to delete the bad message

If your subscribers are relatively tech savvy, then emails sent to a mailing list are not going to fool them.

Remove the message from your Searchable Web Archives

You can not recall email sent on the Internet (unlike emails sent internally via Microsoft Exchange).  Once the email is sent, it can never be undone.

If you are using the Searchable Web Archive option, you can remove that email.

See How do I delete a message from the web archives

Consider using the Mobile First Formatting option

If you do not have Mobile First Formatting turned on.

See "Mobile First" Formatting

This converts all out going email to plain text.  The advantage is that you can see the actual links in the email, instead of buttons, logos, or even URL's that actually go to a different place than shown.

Consider using the Ask Subscriber To Approve Messages That Look Like Spam

This option will reply to any message that looks like spam, and ask the sender to reply to approve the message.

See How do I stop spam from being sent to our mailing list?

Obviously, this option is not going to work if our system does not detect that it is spam, but the hackers just send out spam, they don't reply to incoming emails asking for approval.

Consider using the Have Subscribers Moderate Their Own Messages

This option will reply to any message that a subscriber sends, asking them to reply and release their message to the list.

It is useful when an email is sent by somebody spoofing your subscriber's email.

And the Auto Feature is useful to only apply this option to people that have not posted in 90 days.  In many cases, non active users are the most likely people to have their accounts hacked.

See How do I ensure that a message was posted by my subscriber and not a spammer?


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