How do I minimize my email footprint

Most mailing lists are semi-public.  Somebody sends an email to the Nurses mailing list, and 1,000 nurses get that email.

Other mailing lists hope to keep their conversations private.  Follow these steps to turn off any options that would send your emails to anybody but the list subscribers.

Do not turn on the Searchable Web Archives option

This option is off by default.

See Web Archives

Turn off the Bounce ReDelivery System

This option is on by default.

This option resends emails that bounced and keeps a short term web archive.

See How do I turn off the Bounce Re-Delivery System

Turn off the Inbox Monitoring System

This option is on by default.

This option sends some of your emails to our special addresses at large ISP's and Email Filtering companies.

See How can I monitor delivery at the major ISP's?


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