List Moderator Settings

The List Moderator(s) controls the mailing list. Their email addresses are entered into the mail-list account, and our system will only take commands from those addresses.

That means, if you need to post a message to your list or send any commands to our system to make changes, you must send them only from the email addresses listed in your mail-list account.

Use the web interface to change settings:

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List
  • Click List Moderator Settings
  • Click Your Primary Email Address
  • Enter your email address.
  • Click Save.

You must have at least one email address controlling your list.  

Please see this post to learn how to access your account and change the settings.

Additional moderators can be added.

Email addresses for additional moderators can be other addresses you own or that of a colleague.

Approvals, reports, list-owner emails:

You can choose which list moderators will receive the following:

  • All moderation approvals
  • List-owner emails
  • System-generated reports

Above communication can be sent to just the Primary Moderator/Email Address or to all List Moderators.

If all list moderator addresses belong to the same person, you may want these communications sent to just the primary address.


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