Sending attachments as links

At times, you may need to send an attachment with messages to subscribers. We recommend sending attachments as links.

By using this option, subscribers will not receive the actual attachment with the message. Instead, they will see a link in the message to download the attachment.

There are some advantages to sending attachments as links.

  1. Your subscriber's ISP will not block the message due to size or spam and virus concerns.
  2. Subscribers not interested in a particular attachment will not need to wait while it's downloaded. If they choose not to download, their hard drive is not littered with unwanted files.

Just send a message with attachment via email. Our system takes care of the rest. 

When subscribers receive a message, the top portion has this information:

When your subscribers receive your message, the top part will look like this:

Subscribers can click the download link to view the attachment. This method keeps your email size small and more likely to get through spam filters at the ISP's.

To learn how to save changes to your mail-list account, refer to this lesson:

To use this feature:

  • Log into your mail-list account at
  • Click Customize Your List
  • Click Posting Messages to List
  • Click Send Attachments as Clickable Links
  • Click Yes
  • Click Save
 You will also need to turn on the "Send Attachments as Clickable Links" option:

Wording at the top of the message can be edited, if you prefer.

  • Click Customize Your List
  • Click Posting Messages to List
  • Click Attachment Instructions for Clickable Links
  • Change wording.
  • Click Save
You can edit the wording appearing at the top in the message received by the subscriber by clicking on "Attachment Instructions For Clickable Links":