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QuickStart Manual for Announcement Lists

The following is a copy of the QuickStart Manual that is sent to the list owners when they setup their mail-list accounts.

We have used a generic name for the list name in this manual: YourListName,

a generic password: open-sesame,

and a generic secret address:

Please refer to your own manual that we had sent to you via email, to find out what your actual list name, password and secret address is.

Quickstart Manual for

               Email Announcement List

Your List Name is YourListName

(Please refer to your own Quickstart Manual that was sent to you via email to locate your own list name)

Your Password is open-sesame

(Please refer to your own Quickstart Manual that was sent to you via email to locate your own password)


Your Secret Address is

(Please refer to your own Quickstart Manual that was sent to you via email to locate your own secret address)

This is the only place where we tell you these key facts, so please keep them in a safe place :-)

You can operate your mailing list using this Quickstart Manual,

your email reader and your web browser.   Our mailing list system

allows you to accomplish three main tasks:

   1)  Send a message to your subscribers

   2)  Manage your list of subscribers

   3)  Update your mail-list account

In addition, your subscribers can join your list, change their email address, and remove themselves from your list by themselves.

Typically, you will use your email reader (like Microsoft

Outlook) to send a message to your list, although you can also accomplish this via our web page.

Commands to manage your list may be sent in via an email message, or a subset of the commands may be selected via our web page.

You will always use your web browser to update your mail-list account, with data like the Welcome and Goodbye messages, and who is allowed to control your list.

There is an extensive visual knowledgebase available at

These lessons all have screen shots showing you how to accomplish any task in a step by step fashion.

You can search this visual knowledge base by using the search form and button at the top of the page.  Just type in the

keyword(s) you are looking for, and click on the Search button.

You can download any lesson in a PDF format to your computer to save and print out.  To open and read PDF documents, you will need Acrobat by Adobe.  This program is free and runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers.  If you don't already have this program on your computer, please download it from

If you find any lessons misleading, unclear or needing improvement, please leave a comment at the bottom of that lesson.

We will be notified and make it better.

If you have any questions or problems operating your list, please contact me by replying to this email, or call 1-713-527-9393.

               List Name, Password and Secret Address

Your list name is YourListName.  Our documentation will show the word "yourlistname" in many places, so please substitute YourListName when you see "yourlistname".

You have two pieces of information that only you (and any other list moderators) should know.

   Password: open-sesame


   Secret Address:

The Password is placed in the Subject line, when sending in commands to your list.  For example,



     Subject: open-sesame


will return your list of subscribers.

The Secret Address is used when sending a message to your list.

It is placed in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field.  For example,



   Subject: Whatever you want to put here is fine (ex: title of your newsletter)




   Hello everybody on the list, here is some important news.

You must have your Secret Address in the BCC field, or your message will not go to your list.  The message must come from an email address that is known as a list moderator in your mail-list account, or else it will be rejected.

Please keep these two pieces of information safe and private.

               Send a message to your list

To send a message to everybody on your mailing list, please follow these steps in our visual knowledge base.

If you are not already aware of how to format plain text email, please see

               Manage your list of subscribers

There are four basic commands:

  INVITE      - Ask subscriber to confirm they want on your list

  UNSUBSCRIBE - Remove an address, and send the Goodbye message

  CHECKLIST   - Check if a subscriber is on your list

  SHOWLIST    - List all the subscribers

You can send these commands to our system via an email message.

You can put many commands inside the body of one email message.

Please see these lessons for the specifics of the four basic commands:

  INVITE      -




               Update your mail-list account

Use your web browser to make changes to your Welcome message, Goodbye message, to add or remove moderator email addresses, change the schedule for automatic reports, etc.

You will go to

Please visit that page now, and bookmark it for future reference.

Please see the documentation at

Probably one of the first things you want to update, is the physical address that prints out at the bottom of each message.  Please see

               Monitor your email delivery at the major ISP's

Our system will also send all of your messages to our special address at the major ISP's.  We will then check to see if your email message was received in the Inbox or not. We show you these statistics in real time.

Your list data is at

For more information on the Inbox Monitoring system please see

If you are having consistent problems getting your email delivered into the inbox, please contact us for assistance.

Thanks for using !              Copyright 1995 - 2010




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