User ManualAnnouncement List User Guide Best Practices For List OwnersHow often should I send my newsletter to my list?

How often should I send my newsletter to my list?

Make Sure That Your Subscribers Don't Forget You!

You should send you newsletter often enough so that your subscribers do not totally forget you. That's because if they don't even remember that they subscribed to your newsletter, they may simply unsubscribe from your list or worse, they may just reach out for the spam button and create deliverability issues for your newsletter.

Set Their Expectations

Before you sign up a subscriber, make sure that you properly set up their expectations and let them know in advance how often you will be sending your messages and what type of content will be included in the messages. You would want only those people to sign up who are actually interested in receiving your newsletters.

Send Relevant Content

Make sure that you only send content that they are expecting to receive. If you decide later on that you want to send different type of content to them, seek their permission first.

Stick To Your Commitment

If you told them that you would send them one newsletter a week, then make sure that you do that. In case you are unable to send your newsletter during a certain week, it would help if you could just send them a message letting them know why you were not able to deliver the newsletter for that week.

Following these best practices will ensure that your subscribers don't drop off from your list or hit the spam button when they receive your messages.