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How can I temporarily stop receiving messages?

You can temporarily stop receiving messages by putting yourself in Vacation Status.

This option works like a toggle switch. Use the same email format to start and stop Vacation Status. Please follow the instructions below.

Send an Email to the Mailing List

  • Send a blank message to the Mailing List.
  • Address the email to
        If your list is named SoccerTeam, then the email would be sent to:

Mail delivery to your address will be suspended.

Send a blank message in this format to suspend mail delivery to your email address:

Example of Confirmation Email

After sending the email, you will receive a reply from our system.

After sending in the email, you will receive a reply back from our system:

How to Restart Messages

  • Send another email in the same manner as described above.
  • Your address will be removed from Vacation Status.
  • Messages will resume to your email address.

Example of Confirmation Email

If you send in another email to the same address, you will be put back on the distribution list:


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