Self Moderate Suspicious Attachments

Have you ever gotten an email that says something like

      Good morning please find see attached doc file

We get them all the time.

Sometimes, subscribers will get hacked and malware gets sent to your mailing list

We run all attachments through multiple anti-virus programs, but sometimes the viruses are mutating faster than the programs can keep up with.

If we think the email might be forged, we ask your subscriber to approve the message

The email we send back to your subscriber looks like this

Subject: Please reply to release your mailing list message (no. 15506783)

Oops, the mailing list system thought your message to the list might be a virus.

Better safe than sorry, so it decided to hold your message, and ask you to confirm.

If this message is legitimate, please reply, and we will release it.

Thank you.


Below is a copy of your email sent to the mailing list system.


Your subscriber just needs to reply, and we will release their message

No need for them to write anything in the body of the email.  All we need is a reply back with the same Subject LIne.


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