Example of a message sent to the list owner during BRDS

When a subscriber's email hosting service bounces back an error message to our system, the list owner is automatically sent a message by our Bounce Re-Delivery System (BRDS).

Example Message to List Owner

From: mail-list.com <missing@mail-list.com>
To: youremailgroup-list-owner@mail-list.com
Subject: youremailgroup bogus bounces summary report
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2020 14:17:12 +0000

Your recent message to your list was not delivered to all of your subscribers.

The subscribers listed below had your email message blocked by their ISP for dubious reasons.

sally@example.com      554 Email rejected due to security policies
bobby@example.com    554 Rejecting banned content

We have sent a separate email to these subscribers, notifying them of the problem.  And pointing them to a copy of your email on our website:


User Name = youremailgroup
Password = mygroup

The quickest solution is to have your subscriber's techies whitelist our IP addresses.  Please point them to


You are welcome to follow up with anybody listed above with a private email, and ask them to investigate things from their end.  Please note that if these error messages continue, we will remove the subscriber(s) automatically for excessive bounces.

Please review our BRDS (Bounce Re-delivery System) to get more information about how we handle such situations:


If you learn anything that we should know about, please reply and let me know.


mark david mcCreary

p.s.  The subscriber mails look like this:


1302 Waugh Dr. #438
Houston, TX 77019

Important Elements of the Message

Here is an explanation of some parts of the message: