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How to make the Welcome Message come from your personal email address

Traditionally, when people sign up for a mailing list and receive a Welcome Message, it is sent from the mailing list administrative email address.

If the new subscriber replies to the Welcome Message, they get a Help message from the Listserv. The List Moderator never sees the new subscriber's reply.

Welcome Message default setting

The default for new lists is for the Welcome Message to be sent from the mailing list administrative address. The List Moderator will not see any replies to that message. The subscriber does not know the Moderator's personal email address, so their email will go unanswered.

To have the Welcome Message sent from the List Moderator's personal email address, follow the instructions below.

Use the web interface to change settings:

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List
  • Click New Subscriber Settings.
  • Click Who is the Welcome Message From ?
  • Select My Email Address.
  • Click Save.

"My Email Address" uses the information from Your Primary Email Address setting.

List-Owner Alias option

If you choose the List-Owner Alias option instead, the Welcome Message is sent from The new subscriber will not know your personal email address.

Any replies to the Welcome Message will be sent to Your Primary Email Address as well as all other additional list moderators. 


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