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I'm Not Receiving Emails I've Sent to the Listserve

Mailing lists typically put the author's email address in the From: header of the email

So that all subscribers know who sent the email

However, the email is delivered from's servers

Unlike all other emails from you, which are delivered by your ISP

Your ISP notices an email from you, but from some other server

It jumps to the conclusion that it must be spam, as spammers frequently send you spam from your own address.

Your ISP accepts the email but then drops it on the floor

Typically, they don't even put the email in your spam folder.

Ask your ISP if they can create an exception for your mailing list messages

Perhaps they will whitelist our IP Addresses

You can check on our short term web archive, and make sure your message was delivered

Replace youremailgroup with your list name, and ask your moderator for the password.