Stop Future Emails From a Thread

This option allows subscribers to block future emails from a particular thread.

By thread, we mean Replies to a previous email message. Typically, a thread will have the same subject line. See below for a technical discussion.

If you click Yes, this message appears:

What Happens Next

For this particular discussion thread, you will NOT receive any more messages.

If you change your mind, you can still see the messages in either the Searchable Web Archive or the Missing Message Archive. Ask your List Moderator for the password to these archives.

There are no reporting options to see who is blocking what thread.


If I stop an email thread, am I removed from the mailing list?

No. You remain on the mailing list.

Only emails from this one thread are blocked for 30 days.

What if the Subject Line is used again?

Not a problem. is not paying attention to the Subject line. Our system uses a hidden header field in each email to identify them.

What if the Subject Line is changed when replying?

Still not a problem.

The In-Reply-To header field will take precedence over the Subject Line. This means an an email thread could have different Subject Lines.

How can your system handle different Subject Lines in the same thread?

  • The hidden header field is created by each subscriber's email reader when they reply to a message.  It contains the Message-ID of the message they are replying to. (In-Reply-To field)
  • The Message-ID field is a long, unique identifier.
  • If multiple people reply to a message, the In-Reply-To field is the same on each reply.
  • The References header contains a list of Message-IDs, when there are Replies to Replies.
  • Confused? Don't worry. We've got it covered!

How long will emails from this thread be stopped?

30 days.

The Stop Thread information is deleted after 30 days. If someone replies to a message thread more than 30 days later, that message will not be stopped.

You will need to again click the link at the bottom of the email to stop future replies to this thread.