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How to release a Trivial Reply message

Some mailing lists turn on our Trivial Reply option, to reduce low value posts

For example, a subscriber replies to the entire mailing list to Thank somebody for their answer to a question posted.

That Thank You, should typically just go to the author, not the entire list.

Our system looks for Replies, that are short and contain some key words like Thanks

If found, it will send a message back to the author, telling them that their message has been held for their approval.

This email looks like this

Please reply to release your mailing list message (no. 154879524)

The system thought your message to the list looked like a private reply.

Therefore, it decided to hold your message, and ask you to confirm.

If this message was indeed meant for the entire list to see,

please reply to this message, and we will release it.

You can over ride our system and release the message

Just reply, and leave the Subject Line intact.

The system does not ready the body of your reply, it just matches up the number to the original message, and releases the original message to the list.