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How to resolve email delivery problems delivers email discussion group emails.

See is being blocked by your ISP

We were able to get at least one message through to you, and pointed you to this web page.

You may have also gotten a long email message with detailed information

Subject: Your newsletter is being blocked

Dear Mailing List Subscriber:

Your email hosting company blocked the following messages(s) that you signed up for:

If you have gotten such an email, file a support ticket with your ISP

Include the entire email with your support ticket.

Because of the delivery problems, your mailing list email is being throttled

That is, we may skip sending some messages, so that you don't get removed from the list for too many bounces.

If your ISP has fixed their problem, you can reset the throttling

CLicking on the link at the top of the email will tell our system to resume deliveries with the next message to the list.

Reset Throttling