User ManualSubscribers Mailing List Questions (Listserv)Why can't I post a message to the list sometimes?

Why can't I post a message to the list sometimes?

A lot of email programs have the "auto complete" feature i.e. you start to type in an email address and the system automatically matches it with the one in your address book and you just have to hit enter to finish completing the input of the email address. It happens sometimes that a wrong email address is selected instead.

For example: and

are both in my address book. If I need to post a message to the list Enews, I need to use the first address and the second address is used if I need to subscribe to the list.

When I start to type in Enews in my email program in the "To:" field, the system displays both the addresses and I may select the second address inadvertently. In that case I will not be able to post my message to the list Enews.

Make sure that your messages are going to the correct email address for your list by verifying the email address in the "To:" field.