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AOL on smartphones and Report As Spam

On the AOL desktop and web interface to email, there is a Report as Spam button for each email

If that button is clicked, AOL will report that fact to us, and we will remove the subscriber from the mailing list.

Sometimes it is clicked by accident, especially since it's right next to the Delete button.

Other times, people will select a large group of emails, and report them all as Spam.  And sometimes that group of emails will include one of their mailing list messages by mistake.

On smartphones, there is no Report as Spam button

There is not an AOL smartphone app, but on the iPhone you can use Apple Mail to use your AOL email account.

On Apple Mail, there is a JUNK folder and is simply is a mirror of the AOL account.

Sometimes, AOL may move a message from the mailing list into the Spam/Junk folder.

Turning off the spam settings on will stop any email from being flagged as spam

The AOL website will always flag incoming email as Spam first  before it "arrives" as Phone.

So if you are having problems being kicked off the mailing list because your smart phone is reporting some of your list email as spam

Log into the website and turn off the spam settings to stop this problem.