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How do I import our existing email archives into our searchable web archive

If you are migrating your mailing list to, we can import your past email messages, so that they are in the searchable web archive.

You need to provide your past messages in a format known as an MBOX file

See for more information.

See if you can get the archives from your previous email hosting provider

If you list is currently at LSoft, ask them to export your web archives at no charge.

They will put that file into a Dropbox folder, and you can grab it from there.  They should do this free of charge.

While this file is not quite an MBOX file format, we can convert it into an MBOX file and import it.

If you are using the open source Mailman package

Obtain the .mbox file from ${mailman.home}/archives/${}.mbox/${}.mbox

If your list is at Google Groups or Yahoo Groups, they will not let you export your messages.

If one of your members has a folder of most or all of your mailing list messages in the email reader

Ask them to export that folder as an MBOX file.  Most email readers make this task easy.

Use Google to find the instructions for your email reader.

For Outlook, see

For Apple Mail, see

For Thunderbird, see

For Gmail, see

Find a way to get that file to us

Because the file can be very large, sending it via email is not usually an option.

If you have a Dropbox account, put the file there and send us the sharealbe link so we can download it.


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