Delete a message from Web Archives.

If you are using the Searchable Web Archives, all messages sent to your List are stored in the archive.

If needed, you can delete any message from the web archive.

NOTE:  You cannot retract or delete the email that was sent to your Subscribers.  

Locate the email instructions sent to you for the web archive.

Subject Line:  Web Archives of your Mailing List


The first password in the email is used to log in to your web archives. It can be given to all Subscribers to access the archive.

The second password is for you (List Owner) to use when deleting a message.

Sample email below:

Locate your email containing the instructions for the web archive

Log in to your Web Archive

Web Archive:

    Where youremailgroup is replaced with your list name.

Username:  Name of the Mailing List
Password:   First Password in email sample above.

Locate the message to be deleted

Log in to your web archives, and locate the message you want to delete

Open and view the message to be deleted.

  • Click Delete Message.
Open up and view the message you want to delete

Click OK to confirm deletion.

Click OK to confirm that you want this message deleted.


Your deleted message will be visible for a few minutes while the database is being reorganized.

After clicking on the OK button, you will see a brief message that says