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How to import existing email archives into your account.

If you are migrating your mailing list to, we can import your past email messages into our Searchable Web Archive.

Step One - Get the Data

Format information

The data file with your past messages must be in a format known as an MBOX file. For more information about this file format, please see this Wikipedia post.


From other providers


Ask this provider to export your email archives. They normally do not charge for this service. They will add the data to DropBox, allowing you to download from there.

NOTE: LSoft's file format is not MBOX, but we can convert it into an MBOX file for import.

Google Groups

Google Groups does not allow you to download your past emails.


This is an open source option for mailing lists. You can locate the MBOX data file from:


From a subscriber

If one of your subscribers has most of the mailing list messages in their email software, ask them to export the folder as an MBOX file. Most programs make this task easy. Use any web search tool to find specific instructions.

Some instructions are listed below:

For Outlook, see
For Gmail, see
For Apple Mail, see
For Thunderbird, see

Step Two - Share with

Typically, this data file will be very large. Sending it via email is not usually an option.

A few free options are listed below. You can create a free account and upload your data. Then, simply send us a shareable link. We will download the file and add to your Searchable Web Archive.


As of December 2020, a free account includes 2 GB of storage.


As of December 2020, a free account provides 2 GB file transfers but no storage.