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How to get Reports for many lists at one time

You can retrieve multiple reports about your subscribers for some or all of your lists with just one report request.

Use the Web Interface

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Get Reports.
  • Click Send Reports via Email.
  • Select each report you would like to receive.
  • Select an email to send the report.
  • Click Send Reports.
Select the report or reports that you want to receive

Apply To Other Lists

If you are the owner/moderator for multiple mailing lists, you can run the selected reports on additional lists.

After you select your email address, the option to include other mailing lists appears. Click on the triangle next to Also Apply To These Lists to see the additional lists.

  • Select any additional mailing lists.
  • Click Send Reports.

The selected reports for any mailing lists chosen will be generated and sent to your email address.

Only the mailing lists where you are the owner/moderator will be shown.