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A private email was sent to the mailing list, and I need to recall it!

On occasion, a member of your list may post an email to your mailing list by mistake, and ask you to recall it.

That is not possible with Internet email. Once an email is sent and received by all of your subscriber's ISPs, there is no way to get it back.

An email is typically sent to your entire list within minutes of receiving it, so it's next to impossible for us to intervene in time.

Doesn't Outlook recall messages?

It is true you can recall an email message using Outlook, if the recipient is also on the same corporate Microsoft Exchange server.

However, email going to the Internet (like the mailing list at is never able to be recalled or deleted once it is sent.

Do I have any other options?

Yes! You can close out the thread.

As a Moderator, you can close out the email thread for the entire mailing list. This means, any replies to the message are rejected.

See this post to learn how - Moderator can close out a Thread for everybody.

You can also delete from the Web Archive.

If you use's Searchable Web Archives option, you can delete any email from your web archive.

See this post to learn how - How do I delete a message from the web archives.

If you call Mark and are nice to him, he may edit the Digest, too. :)