How can anonymous messages be sent to the Mailing List?

"Anonymous" is tough to do on the Internet.

We do have a web page for each Mailing List, where people can post a message. Combine that with another option where you can designate email addresses allowed to post but never receive.

That may do the trick. See below for how that option would work.

How do I send a message from's web page?

Detailed instructions are included in this post: Send a message from our web page.

When using this web page, you can use any email address in the Your Email Address line.

Typically, the email address entered must be a Subscriber in order for the message to be sent to the List.

Why would I use the "Post Only" option?

The Post Only option lists pre-approved email addresses allowed to only send messages to your List. By adding a dummy email address, an anonymous message can be sent via your specific web page.

Detailed instructions are included in this post: Post Only option: How to set up for Subscribers.

We never send any Mailing List email to the addresses listed in Post Only.

How can we send anonymous email?

Add [email protected] to the Post Only list. (or any dummy email address you prefer)

Then, when someone wants to send an anonymous message, have them use the web page to send an email. Use the [email protected] email in the Your Email Address field.

Since [email protected] is allowed to send messages to your List, the message will be sent.

Be careful with this option. does not know who actually sent any anonymous messages.

If this becomes a problem, simply remove the dummy address from the Post Only list.