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How to send one-way Announcements using specializes in Email Discussion Groups. Any subscriber can post a message, or reply to a message.

We also offer another type of Email Group - Announcement Only. In this type of group, just a few people can send a message to the mailing list. Subscribers cannot Reply to any messages.

To set up an Announcement Only list, follow the instructions below.

Use the Web Interface

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Clone Your List.
  • Enter your new List Name and Description.
  • To create a new List with no subscribers -
    • Click Clone List.
  • To create a new List with all subscribers from your current Email Discussion List -
    • Check the box for Clone current list.
    • Click Clone List.


Check your email inbox for the Announcement List - QuickStart Manual.

After you see this screen, look for an email in your inbox that is the QuickStart Manual

How to send messages

For details on how to send messages to your Announcement List, please see instructions here.