Remove Subscribers that have lost interest.

If your Mailing List is not based upon a membership roster, you may want to ask Subscribers to Re-Enlist from time to time.

Why would you do this?
A reduction in your List size will reduce the size of your invoice.

How to Re-Enlist

STEP ONE: Send an Email

Send an email to your Mailing List using this special phrase in the email body. Be sure to put this phrase on a separate line, by itself:


Example Email

Dear Subscribers:

If you wish to stay on our mailing list, please click the link below:


Anyone that does not click this link by December 1 will be removed from our mailing list.

Thank you.

By using this special phrase, our servers will replace it with a unique link. An example is shown below.[email protected]

This link contains your mailing list name, as well as the Subscriber's email address

After clicking the link, this message is presented:

STEP TWO: Request a Report

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Get Reports.
  • Click Send Reports via Email.
  • Select Reenlisted Subscribers.
  • Choose email to receive report.
  • Click Send Reports.

STEP THREE: Replace your list

You can use the report received in Step Two to replace your Subscriber list.

  • From the Main Menu, click Manage Subscribers.
  • Click Add or Remove Subscribers.
  • Copy the addresses from the email report received in Step Two.
  • Paste into the section Enter Subscribers to Add or Remove.
  • Select Replace Existing List With These Subscribers.
  • Select email to send results.
  • Click Add / Remove Subscribers.