How to "train" your Spam filter to like your Mailing List email.

Emails from your Mailing List going into your Spam folder is an easy problem to solve.  

After a few sessions of training your Spam filter, this problem should disappear forever.

Spam Filters

Many online email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) include spam filtering. Their filters try to decide what is safe email and what is junk or a potential virus/malware.

You can train your Spam filter on which email addresses are from someone you trust. The easiest method is to select the email and choose Not Spam or Mark as Not Junk, depending on the program you use.

See suggestions below for help.


There are several options to prevent email from delivering to Spam.

  • Mark email as Not Spam directly from the Spam folder. (see image below)
  • Add a trusted sender to your Contacts List.
  • Create a filter so any mail from a certain address is never sent to Spam.
  • Move trusted emails to the Primary Tab.
    • On a phone:
      Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner of an email, then click Move to > Primary.    
    • On desktop:
      Drag and drop the email into the Primary tab in your Inbox.

As of February 2021, Gmail does not have a Safe Sender option similar to Outlook/Microsoft 365.

Outlook / Microsoft 365

Outlook has a few options for avoiding the Spam folder:

  • Select an email and choose either Not Junk or Never Block Sender to add this address to the
    Safe Sender List. (see image below)
  • Add a trusted sender to your Contacts List.

Apple Mail

Tap the email address at the top of an email (in the “From” line), then click Add to VIPs.

Helpful links are attached below, which include help with Junk Mail settings. (see image below)

How to Stop Apple Mail From Spam Filtering Known Senders

How do I change junk mail to desired mail?


Other Software

Most software programs have a spam filtering option, whether browser based or locally installed. In most cases, the Spam filter can be trained in a similar way so future emails avoid the Spam/Junk folder.

See helpful links below:

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