Stop Future Emails From an Author

This option allows you to temporarily block future emails from a particular author for a 90-day period.

After 90 days, messages from that author start appearing again. Click the link to start another 90-day block.

Your List Owner will need to change List Settings for this link to appear.

When this Option is Allowed

A message author does not see this link on messages they send.

Click Yes to block this author.

This action is not reversible.

There are no reporting options to see who is blocking what author.

What Happens Next

You will not receive any messages from that author for the next 90 days.

If you change your mind, you can still see the messages in either the Searchable Web Archive or the Missing Message Archive. Ask your List Owner/Moderator for instructions and the password to these archives.


If I block an author, am I removed from the Mailing List?

No. You remain on the Mailing List.

Only emails from this one author are blocked from sending to you for 90 days.

Can I block someone for more than 90 days?


However, you can click the link again to start another 90-day block.

I changed my mind. How can I reverse this action?


This action is not reversible.