Courtesy notification of email delivery problems

When an Internet Service Provider (ISP) rejects email sent to you, we consider that a "bounce". That means the attempted delivery bounced back to the sending server.

If this happens too many times, your email address is removed from the Mailing List.'s process for this issue is described below.

If my ISP has issues, do you stop sending email?

If your ISP starts blocking your Mailing List emails, our system will skip some deliveries instead of removing your address from the List.  

This gives your ISP time to fix the problem.

What happens to the emails I missed?

Missed emails are saved in a special archive.

How do I know the problem has been resolved?

When we notice emails are being delivered again, we let you know by adding a small notice at the top of one of your messages. This is our Courtesy Notification of your ISP's delivery problems. See the example below.

Navigate to the website listed to view any missed messages.

When we notice that emails are going through again, we will let you know by putting a small notice at the top of one of your emails.

I was removed from the Mailing List. How can I be added again?

  1. Contact the Owner/Moderator of your Mailing List. They will remove you from the "email rejected" list.
  2. If the List Owner is not available, please email us at [email protected]. One of our representatives will assist.