User ManualEmail Discussion Group User Guide TroubleshootingHow do I get mail delivery logs for a subscriber?

How do I get mail delivery logs for a subscriber?

If a subscriber complains about not receiving your messages, confirm their email is included in your list. To do this -

  • log in to your account
  • Click Manage Subscribers
  • Click Troubleshoot Subscriber Email Address
  • Enter subscriber's email address and use one of the "Subscriber History" options.

Log into your account.

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Troubleshoot Delivery
Log into your mail-list account, and click on the Troubleshoot Delivery Problems button.
  • Enter the subscriber's email address
  • Click Search Logs
Enter the email address of the subscriber that is not receiving your messages

The results are shown above. Messages successfully delivered are highlighted in green. Messages highlighted in red failed upon delivery.

If all the messages are GREEN, their ISP is receiving the mailing list messages. We do not know what happens after that.

Copy and paste the bottom-most green message, and ask your subscriber to file a support ticket with their ISP to discover the problem.