Monitor delivery at major ISPs.

When our system sends a message to your List, it also sends the same message to our special email addresses at the major ISPs. We then check those email addresses and determine if your email message was received in the Inbox or not.

Delivery stats for your List

Refer to the QuickStart Manual to locate the exact web page address for your List's data. The QuickStart Manual was sent to you by email when your List was created.

Refer to the Quickstart Manual you received by email, to locate the exact web page address for your list's data.

Example web page

Go to the URL using a web browser. You will see a web page similar to this example:

Go to the URL using your browser. You will see a webpage that looks like this:

Click on a date or date range to check statistics for that time.

Additional Spam detail

Any blue numbers are clickable. You can drill down to view more data.

Any numbers that you see in blue, are clickable, and you can drill down to see more data.

Clicking the blue link labeled View will show even more detail about the message labeled as spam. In general, when an ISP rejects a message, they will give a reason. If the ISP puts the email in the spam folder, they typically keep the reason secret.

Please note that only the message Subject line is exposed, whenever a message is sent to the spam folder. No other data is shown, such as the email address of your Subscribers or the content of the message.

Delivery rate for all Mailing Lists

The cumulative delivery rate for all Mailing Lists is shown here: This information is in the same reporting format as shown above.

How to turn off this feature

If you do not want our system monitoring your messages, please turn off this feature in your account.

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List.
  • Click Reports.
  • Click Monitor ISPs if your Message is in Their Inbox.