List Address in From Line improves delivery: For all Subscribers

If your Subscriber's Address Book includes the sender's email address, this greatly increases the odds of messages arriving in the Inbox. The software assumes anyone in the address book is a "Safe Sender".

In the typical Discussion Group message, the email address in the From Line is the person who sent the message. Do this instead: include your List Address in the From Header. The Subscriber only needs to add your List Address to their Address Book rather than every member of your list.

By using this account setting, your List Address is displayed in the From Line along with your Subscriber's email address. The computers only see the List Address in the From Line. Your Subscribers will see both addresses and recognize who the message is from.

Use the Web Interface to Change Settings

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List.
  • Click Miscellaneous Settings.
  • Click Have List Address be in the From Header.
  • Click From Address Is List Address.
  • Click Save.
Toggle the radio button to choose "From Address Is List Address"


Computers / software only recognize the address in the angle brackets, which is the List Address.  <[email protected]>

When the message comes to the subscriber's inbox, they see

Other Things to Consider

Some email readers depend on the address in the From: Header for grouping and threading.

Certain email software has trouble with this option because it does not clearly show who is the sender of the message.

Some software (like Unibox) relies heavily on the From Address to determine how to group/ungroup email addresses by sender in the user interface. With this option on, messages are all lumped together in a single group in this email client.

DMARC Anti-Spam

By using the Have List Address be in the From Header option, it solves the problems caused by the DMARC Anti-Spam Setting used by some Providers. See example error messages below.

If you see this type of error message, you can use the setting described above to solve this problem.