Helpdesk: handles Subscriber questions and problems.

Help for Subscribers offers the option of using our staff to help with Subscriber questions and issues. Subscribers can send questions or problems to

Typically, the questions or problems relate to being removed from a Mailing List, changing their email address, etc.

Who is "Listmaster"?

Listmaster is a human being staff member here at This person reviews all questions or problems received and tries to resolve them.

If the Listmaster cannot solve the issue, then the email is forwarded to the appropriate List Moderator.

How to utilize Listmaster for your List

Your domain is

Publish your Help address as

You use your own domain

When using your own domain name, simply use listmaster as the recipient.

For example:
If your domain is, then publish the Help address as


The Help request email will be sent directly, and one of our staff members will process the request.