Clone: Create sub-lists / sub-groups using "Clone".

Once your primary Mailing List is set up and configured, it's EASY to create a new sub-group or sub-list.

Use the Clone Your List option to create a new sub-group.

Use the Web Interface

Log into your mail-list account at

Click Clone Your List.

Name the new Sub-List

  • Enter the name and description of the new Mailing List.
  • Choose a different List type, if applicable.
  • Click Clone List.


Can I change the List Type for a sub-group?


You can create either a Discussion Group or an Announcement List based on your primary Mailing List.

What's the difference between List Types?

Discussion Group - Any Subscriber can send and reply in this type of group.

Announcement List - Only List Moderators can send messages. No replies or discussion within the membership.

Is everything copied to my new List?


Your new List will retain the same settings and List Moderators. There will be no Subscribers automatically added to this new List.

You may need to update your Welcome message.

While the List name will be automatically updated in most places, other fields will retain the old List wording.

Do I have to pay for every Subscriber on every List and sub-list?


At, we do not charge by the number of Lists but by the number of unique Subscribers

If an email address is on several Lists billed to the same organization, we only charge once for that address.