Override "From" Address

For use with an Announcement List.

This setting allows a specific email address to be used in the From line of your messages. That email address will be shown, even if you send the message from a different address.

Use the Web Interface to Change Settings

Log into your mail-list account at https://database.mail-list.com.

  • Click Customize Your List.
  • Click List Moderator Settings.
  • Click Override From Address.
  • Enter your preferred From Address.
  • Click Save.
Enter the email address with the name as shown in the example below:

The example above shows a "friendly name" along with the actual email address. In this scenario, the actual email address needs to be surrounded with angle brackets.


Learn how to change and save your account settings.


The email below was sent from [email protected].

To the Subscriber, it appears to be sent from [email protected].

This email was sent from YourEmailAddress@gmail.com, but the subscriber receives it as if it was sent from noreply@domain.com: