Invoicing: How it works for your Mailing List.

How often will I be invoiced? invoices once per year.  New Subscribers added during the year are free.  If anyone unsubscribes, no refunds are given.

The invoice is based on the number of List Subscribers at the time of the invoice.

How is the amount due calculated? invoices based on the number of unique Subscribers (unique email addresses) on all of your Lists.

We do not charge per List.

If I have multiple smaller lists, how does that affect my invoice?

You are only invoiced for unique Subscribers.

If you have smaller lists and those members are also on your main List, then there is no extra charge.

For example, you could have a Board of Directors list for "free", assuming the Board members are also on your main Mailing List.

Can I create additional Lists during the year?

Yes. During the year of service, you can clone your List to create additional ones.

There is no charge for the additional List, at that time. No invoices are sent.

Annual invoices are always based on the number of unique email addresses, not the number of Lists. Therefore, for the next invoice calculation, we will recount the number of unique addresses and invoice accordingly.

How do I pay the invoice?

We email the invoice to the address you specify. The invoice can be paid online or via check. Instructions for paying online are listed here.

The online invoice can be downloaded as a PDF and printed. We can send the invoice via US mail, if needed.

Does store my credit card information?

No. uses Stripe to collect credit card payments. We do not have access to your credit card information.

Do you offer automated recurring payments?

No. We do not offer this option for 2 reasons:

  1. We do not have access to or store your credit card information.
  2. Your invoice is recalculated every year based on the number of unique Subscribers. Every List adds and removes Subscribers, so the invoice can change slightly from year to year.

I'm a new client. Am I invoiced right away?

No. You get take us for a test drive FREE for 30 days!

At the end of 30 days, we will ask if you want to continue using our service. If you say YES, we will ask where to send the first annual invoice.

The first invoice will be based on the number of Subscribers you have at the end of the free trial period.