How to preview my message before it's sent to Subscribers.

By using the Approve Each Message option, you can list additional email addresses to receive your message prior to it being approved. This allows you to see how your email will look when received at various ISPs and in different email software, prior to approving your message for your regular Subscribers.

If these additional email addresses are not added to your List, they will not receive the message once approved. This allows you to use these additional addresses purely for testing.

Step-by-step instructions are shown below to add email addresses for testing.

Learn more about the Approve Each Message option.

Use the Web Interface to Change Settings

Log into your mail-list account at

  • Click Customize Your List.
  • Click Preview Messages to List.
  • Click Preview Subscribers.
In your mail-list account, please click on "Preview Subscribers" under "Customize Your List":
  • Enter one or more email addresses (1 per line) that will receive Preview Messages.
  • Click Save.
Enter one or more email addresses on each line where you want to receive Preview Messages:

You will notice [email protected] is already inserted. You may delete this address, if you wish.

By sending your message to [email protected], details of the score assigned by SpamAssassin are sent to you.

How it works:

After a message is sent to your List, a preview message will be sent to each email address with Preview before the Subject.

Example preview email shown below:

After sending out a message to your list, the messages will be sent to each email address with "Preview" before the Subject:

To send the message to your List, approve the email from your main List Owner Inbox.